Discover A New You Through Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Coach

Becoming an affiliate marketing coach is an action or journey that can lead you to many different places or specific destinations, but one thread or truth holds true through all such treks: you will wind up a better you than before. If you want to start such a journey, but are not sure where to begin, keep reading.

Dave Anthony affiliate life coach

Hi, my name is Dave Anthony and I am enjoying every moment of being in the affiliate marketing industry and coaching people just like you in this wonderful industry.

My Journey to Success

Today, I am going to share my journey of how I changed my career into an amazing life story. What you will learn is not some hevay scientific stragety, but the simple principles to get your road map working forward.

Write down your dreams.

Be completely honest and do not hold anything back. It does not matter how silly or unrealistic your inner-most desires are, write them down. As your pen is in your hand, you might be tempted to write down that you want to be a try scoring wing in a professional rugby league, but your mind is saying that cannot be done at your age. Write it down anyway. You just might give yourself permission to join the league at church or start a pickup team at work. Just give yourself a taste of your dreams.

Dreaming of my passion in life

Identify what stirs passion in you.

You might have been dragged out to the ballet by your spouse or perhaps a museum. You probably went along to make them happy, but then felt a stirring in your heart by a certain piece or painting. Spend more time in those environments. You might just find new passions you had no idea you actually had.

Know the boundaries of your comfort zone.

There are certain places and environments in your life that give you confidence. It might be your office at work or an exercise route you have mastered. You have to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow and get new things, but you also have to spend time inside your comfort zone to stay steady and ready to strike at the opportune moments.

In addition to the baby steps you can incrementally take that are already listed, do not be afraid to just state a big goal, like running a marathon. Give yourself a year to get ready for it and start a training schedule. As you pursue it, you might just find a new passion and zeal for life. Or, you might find that you hate it but have the clarity for what you really do want to achieve.

Set milestones that you want to get to.

Never state your goals in uncertain terms that are ambiguous or vague. If you say that you want to weigh less, you are really just expressing discomfort with your current weight. Set a specific weight where you would be finished losing weight. Never start something that does not have an exact finish line, or it can take over your life and not provide you the happiness or growth that you seek.

Always Measure Your Success

Since you are stating your goals in specific terms, you should be able to measure your progress. Journal your results or track them digitally. Make sure you are actually getting it done. Otherwise, you are just entering an abyss that becomes a chronic stress and defeats your original intention.

What Were My Next Steps

My next step was to find our who could lead me forward with my goal? One of the programs that helped me achieve my goals was to follow a step-by-step training program, I have written an article about what I call “Best Affiliate Training Course for South Africans“.

The previous paragraphs have covered a number of my affiliate marketing coach techniques you can use to get where you want in life. Follow them to a better you and a better life.

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